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Colour has always been at the heart of every piece of artwork I have ever created from simple drawings to my most elaborate mosaic pieces. Strong, bold colours are the essence behind it all. My early work was in textile design and I enjoyed experimenting with a vast array of different colours and textures that helped me to create the movement in the work I was looking for. Later I began working with chalk and was amazed at how many colours could be formed by overlaying and blending. Working with glass is a natural progression for me as designing pieces of work that have depth and different levels within it to me is what creating art is all about. The glass can be seen in so many different ways depending on the light and angle you view it, and that is what really fascinates me and helps me bring the piece to life.

When I start working on a piece in glass, it's hard to have a vision of the final creation. I begin with an idea in my head but once it starts the glass almost has a life of it's own and I let the piece develop naturally. I love to incorporate different shades of a particular colour and submerge mediums within that colour to really bring it together.

Although I suppose I am classed as a mosaic artist, to me it feels more like a collage of mixed media, using all kinds of materials and not sticking to technical traditions.

I'm excited to continue to work on even more colourful, bold pieces of work whilst constantly learning new techniques, developing my own skills and personal style as an artist.

I feel extremely fortunate that my work has enabled me to travel all across the world, meeting and working with amazing people.


I currently live in a small village in Hertfordshire, England where I have a studio in my garden. You will constantly find me working in there with my little Scottish terrier, Lenny for company.

About Me

Studio portrait of the artist in her studio
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